This year several people have helped OpenNTF to improve the web site. OpenNTF appreciates this help.

Most recently Stan Uptagrafft contacted us since he wanted to improve the views for feature requests and defects of projects. I asked what I should write about him and he answered "I'm a developer who likes to help OpenNTF when something is needed". His improvements are now live. You can now filter defects and requests by status, e.g. extlib requests and extlib defects.

A picture named M2

He also added two buttons to share blog entries easily:

A picture named M3

Earlier this year Thomas Ladehoff and Thomas Bahn added feeds for Ferry Kranenburg implemented the login control, the new tree on the projects page and the help wanted page. Frank van der Linden implemented the feeds control used to integrate the solutions catalog, Bruce Lill the members page and Daniele Vistalli some infrastructure for code control.

Thanks a lot for this help. If you want to help, contact us.

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