We've renamed the project JAVADDIN with a more descriptive name OSGI Tasklet Service for IBM Lotus Domino.

David Taieb has released a new version and updated the documentation. Below he summarizes the new functionality.

- OSGi profiles now support sites using plugins stored in an NSF database. With this new feature, you can post your plugin in an NSF database based on the UpdateSite.ntf template and have them loaded in the OSGi tasklets service.

- Added support for security allowing you to configure permissions for each site specified in the OSGi Profile. This feature is using the OSGi Conditional Permission admin service which also supports negative permissions. As an example of OSGi permission, you can prevent plugins to have dependencies on a predetermined set of plugins.

- Remote Control support: you can configure the OSGi profile to accept remote OSGi console commands, on a port of your choosing. For security purposes, only requests initiated from the same machine are authorized. This is a great feature to, for example, drive a tasklet from an XPage application.

This sample osgiProfile xml shows how to configure a file system and NSF based eclipse site, with extra Java 2 permissions:

A picture named M2

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